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o Fri Nov 29, 2002
New Well Completed

Vancouver, B.C.- The Company is pleased to announce the completion of its sixth producing well called the Enchant. Tie-in of the Enchant Well to a third party production facility is expected to occur some time in January, after which a stabilized flow rate can be determined. The Enchant Well will produce both oil and solution gas from the Turner Valley formation . The company was carried for the cost of the drilling and casing completion of the Enchant Well, and will retain a 20% revenue interes... (2 KB)
o Mon Apr 15, 2002
Reserve Report

The Company is pleased to announce the results of a recently completed engineering report for the petroleum and natural gas reserves on its Garrington #1 and Garrington #2(West) horizontal wells both located west of Bowden, Alberta. The report gives the net present value of the proven developed producing and probable oil and gas reserves owned by Mount Dakota Energy Corp., in the above two wells as $5,059,000. The Company will be completing reserve evaluations on its two newest wells, the Far... (3 KB)
o Mon Jan 28, 2002
Lomand Well Successful

The Company is pleased to announce the successful completion of the Lomand well, the Company's fifth producing well. The Lomand, is a re-entry of an existing wellbore that has been perforated in the Basal Quartz strata. The Company's consulting geologist estimate this well to produce approximately 30 barrels of oil per day, plus natural gas of approximately 150,000 cubic feet per day. The 28 feet thick Basal Quartz Sandstone and the 640 acres covered by this lease should ensure an extremely lon... (2 KB)
o Tue Nov 27, 2001
Farrow Well Successful

Vancouver, B.C. - Further to our announcement on October 31st, 2001, the Company is pleased to report the successful completion of the Farrow Well located 70 miles south-east of Calgary, Alberta. The well was subject to a water/sand stimulation, which resulted in an excellent response from the Glauconite formation, and is now yielding an economic production rate. Pumping rods and a pump-jack have been installed on the Farrow Well to bring the sweet crude to the surface. Production rates are not... (3 KB)
o Wed Oct 31, 2001
Work Commenced on Farrow Well

Vancouver, B.C.- The Company has commenced on the Farrow well, testing a Glauconite channel re-entry located about 70 miles south-east of Calgary, Alberta. The Company has a 22.5% working interest in the well and has utilized an existing wellbore complete with surface casing, and will test a known oil zone at depth. The success of the Farrow well could result in multiple wells being drilled on this property. The Company will announce results from the Farrow Well when available. The Compan... (3 KB)
o Thu Jul 26, 2001

Vancouver-Further to our announcement on May 29, 2001, the Company is pleased to report the successful acquisition of six properties in Alberta at the Alberta Crown land sales. The properties were acquired with joint venture partners with the company having an average of 41% working interest in the properties. Further details regarding these properties will be released when the company and its partners begin the drilling portion of the exploration program. These acquisitions, and more to fol... (2 KB)
o Tue May 29, 2001

Vancouver-The Company is pleased to announce that the Garrington #2 horizontal re-entry well has been connected to the pipeline and is currently producing. The Company will report production figures once flow levels have stabilized. The Garrington #2 has been producing more oil and condensates than anticipated and the well will have to be engineered to accommodate the excess liquids. The Company is actively bidding and acquiring, oil & gas properties in Alberta with various private partners a... (2 KB)
o Tue Apr 17, 2001

Vancouver B.C.- The Company is pleased to announce the conditional approval of a line of credit for $575,000 from a major Canadian bank. This line of credit will available in approximately four weeks and will be used for the acquisition and development of oil and gas projects. The Company has been actively participating in land sales in search of development as well as high yielding, higher risk exploration projects. The line of credit significantly strengthens the Company's ability to successf... (2 KB)
o Mon Jan 29, 2001

The Company is pleased to announce that it has signed a letter of intent with Sovereign Chief Ventures Ltd.(CDNX symbol: SCV), to acquire a 20% working interest for $150,000 U.S. cash, covering the acquisition and development costs of a five well natural gas re-entry program in the Sinton Sands located forty miles west of Corpus Cristi, Texas. The five well program will utilize existing well bores that have been producing oil from a deeper zone, and that originally by-passed the up-hole natural ... (2 KB)
o Wed Dec 6, 2000
Garrington 2 Well Hits Oil and Gas

Mr. Gary Claytens reports Preliminary testing has been completed on the new Garrington No. 2 horizontal re-entry well located 50 miles north of Calgary, Alta., and two miles to the west of the company's successful Garrington No. 1 well. The tests confirm that this well has encountered significant hydrocarbons, in the form of high-grade crude oil, natural gas and condensates. The most recent test flow indicated a daily production rate of 100 barrels of oil per day, and over 300,000 cubic feet ... (3 KB)
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